A few summer tips for your pets

Summer is quickly approaching. As the weather gets warmer, we have some helpful tips to help your fur-babies smoothly transition from Spring to Summer.

1. Use fresh fruit, especially blueberries and watermelon, as delicious nutritious snacks.* In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, watermelon is a food which helps to tonify yin, which means it provides extra cooling for the body; perfect for the hot summer months. Blueberries are chock full of those wonderful phytonutrients (polyphenols) which help to decrease inflammation in the body. and what's inflammation?heat!

2. Keep your pets hydrated with filtered water. Why filtered? Unfortunately our water is treated with several chemicals to keep the bacterial load down, and several of these chemicals act as hormone disruptors. For example, bromine acts as a thyroid hormone blocker, which could lead to hypothyroidism down the road. (that's just one example, but believe us there are plenty more!)

3. Get your pets moving with exercise during the cooler times of day. A nice swim is an excellent low impact way to get their joints moving (and yours too!).  In TCVM, the ruling element is Fire, which is about warmth, transformation and movement.  As the Fire element rules the heart and circulation of the blood, it's is important to keep this element balanced by providing your pet with exercise. Remember, it is all about balance and too much fire in a pet will lead to over heating! So of course, especially on hot days and during peak heat hours, be sure to not over do it. 

If you have a question about your pet and how to help them transition and stay balanced through the summer months, set up an appointment with one of our holistic veterinarians to help your pet Thrive.


*Remember moderation is key. Always start off with very small amounts if your pet has never had a new food. Never give any one food in abundance.